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LDS Scriptures App

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#1 Best-Selling LDS Scriptures App on Android! Used by hundreds of thousands of users! Full-featured app with bookmarks, phrase highlighting, notes, tags, multiple pages/windows feature, custom cross references, Gospel Art Kit, and a Journal! Syncs with iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Mac, PC, Nook and Kindle Fire apps (see website for details). Officially licensed content from Intellectual continues to be the leading innovator in Scripture study tools. Thanks to everyone for making this the highest rated, most favorite, most recommended, most innovative, and best LDS Scriptures app!
Tons of content, including 30+ years of General Conference talks back to 1971, Hymns & Manuals!
Install on your device or an SD Card (make sure you have 200 MB available and that it is writable).
EXCLUSIVE FEATURES NO OTHER SCRIPTURES APP HAS:✔ Citations feature to discover talks, manuals, resources referencing a verse✔ Multiple pages (switch between multiple places in the Scriptures quickly)✔ Automated Syncing and Backup✔ Export/Download your Markings anytime✔ Listen to Book of Mormon, D&C, and PGP (streaming)✔ Gospel Art Book✔ Custom Cross References✔ Journal✔ Syncs with Desktop Scriptures app for Windows and Mac! (See for details)✔ PDF Library✔ Lifetime Money-back guarantee!
Other Features:✔ Autoscrolling✔ Tagging✔ Highlighting - phrase/word highlighting in 8 colors!✔ Bookmarks✔ Bookmark Folders (using Tags)✔ Notes (show in-line, auto linked references)✔ Search✔ Footnotes, Cross-References✔ Night Reading Mode
Complete Standard Works (ch. headings, footnotes, & streaming audio!):✔ Old and New Testament✔ Book of Mormon✔ Doctrine and Covenants✔ Pearl of Great Price✔ Joseph Smith Translation
Study Helps:✔ Bible Dictionary✔ Topical Guide✔ Guide to the Scriptures✔ Triple Comb. Index
Manuals:✔ Gospel Principles (Latest version)✔ Book of Mormon Teacher's Manual & Member Study Guide✔ New Testament Teacher's Manual & Member Study Guide✔ Old Testament Teacher's Manual & Member Study Guide✔ Preparing for Exaltation✔ Preach My Gospel✔ Aaronic Priesthood Manuals✔ Duty to God✔ YW Manuals✔ Marriage & Family Relations Manuals✔ Temple Prep Manual✔ Addiction Recovery Manual✔ D&C, BofM Student & Teacher Manuals✔ Our Heritage
Other Resources:✔ General Conference Talks (from 1971-present)✔ Scripture Mastery✔ Priesthood Ordinances✔ True to the Faith✔ Quotes, 100+ Topics✔ Lectures on Faith✔ Family Proclamation, Living Christ✔ For the Strength of Youth✔ US Constitution, Decl. of Independence
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